Do you want to be a retail showroom offering the same old products as everyone else?  Or, do you want to stand out from the crowd by offering groundbreaking solutions that will help you to inch ahead of the competition?


We pride ourselves on empowering our Trade Network to ‘Dare to be Different’ by offering the most unique products on the market.   Learn about joining our exclusive Trade Network and explore how our outstanding range of products can transform your Product Portfolio!

Trade Partner Support

Our trade partnerships form an integral part of what we do and working closely with our partners allows us to enhance existing products while continuously bringing new innovation to the market.


We’re focused on strengthening these partnerships throughout the country and place a significant emphasis on helping and supporting our Trade Partners by offering the very best prices, products, marketing support, and client services.




As a PGUK Trade Partner you will have the ability to price jobs with the greatest of ease, using our all-new online Sales Quoter System while submitting fuss-free orders via a trade login unique to your business!

 Join Your Leader in Patio Door Innovation

Our revolutionary group of Trade Products is what excels us at the UK’s Leader in Patio Door Innovation, and we take great pride in designing and manufacturing all of our Panoramic Products here in the UK.    Maintaining control over every part of the supply chain means we can continue to deliver the best products, at the best rates!


Win More Jobs with the UPVC Panoramic Door

The Panoramic Patio Door System is the best Bi-Fold Door alternative on the market and the perfect accompaniment to your exclusive group of products.  Win customers, turn heads and double your job potential with our award-winning hinge-free design and easy installation.  The Panoramic Door is the first world-class door system to save on space while delivering outstanding design quality.

Up-Sell with the Innovative Ascena Screen

Re-visit all of your past sales and maximise up-selling opportunities with the ultimate Patio Door ‘add-on.’ 

The unrivaled Ascena Screen is effective at keeping the insects out while letting the fresh air in and, can be retrofitted to most styles of Bi-Folding or Sliding Doors.  Price your next job!

In-Unit Floating Pano- Blinds

Available from July 2019, the newly-innovated Panoramic ‘Floating’ Blind System brings a unique and modern take on the Magnetic Blinds we know and love!


The genius design places the blinds between each pane of glass.  But, with the added new benefit of opening from both the top and bottom of the door leaf.  The result?  Total control over where light places in a room, no matter the time of day.

PVC Hidden Sash Hidden Button Window

Now, you can sell your customers the look of Aluminium at the cost of UPVC with our new and innovative Hidden Sash Hidden Button Window. 


Boasting maximum glass coverage, polished corners, modern sight lines and an abundance of colour options, the new PVC Hidden Sash rivals the look of any Aluminium system.

Switchable Smart-Glass

Panoramic Switchable Smart-Glass has arrived! And, at an incredible price point.  Learn about adding our laminated Smart-Glass to your portfolio and impress your clients with the newest in Smart Home technology.


The published price of £250 per m2 including electronics, is up to 65% cheaper than other available brands.

The effect of this, as with the company’s in-unit blinds, will be to significantly broaden the market, thus bringing the technology within the reach of thousands more customers.

Click here to contact us for more information.



Your Partnership

By joining the UK’s Leader in Patio Door Innovation as a trusted Trade Partner, you will get exclusive access to our revolutionary group of Products and tailored Marketing Support ahead of anyone else!   #DareToBeDifferent and contact our dedicated Sales Team who are ready to discuss your partnership journey.




Trade Partner Benefits Overview

  • Exclusive access to revolutionary products.
  • Trade login and easy ordering.
  • 2 week turnaround Trade Promise.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Marketing support & resources.
  • Exceptional Trade Discounts.
  • On-going training via Installer Academy and Trade Knowledge Base.
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