Re-Think the Tilt & Turn

Panoramic Group is gaining recognition for its innovative approach to designing and manufacturing windows and doors and, in some cases, taking what amounts to a completely fresh approach to a product. Such is the case with the all-new ALU 70 ‘Hidden Sash’ tilt and turn window which, despite offering some exciting innovations, remains surprisingly competitive in its pricing.

Marketed under the Alumen brand, externally the ALU 70 appears to be a slim, fixed light frame, offering excellent sight lines and maximising the glass area. However, the hidden sash feature, through ingenious design, allows all full tilt and turn functions with hardware options that can even see the handle cleverly recessed. The tilt and turn hardware is of course fully enclosed.

Designed for domestic and commercial markets the ALU 70 Hidden Sash window is suitable for all applications in which a tilt and turn window is deemed to be the most appropriate for the application, but with the additional design touches that add both aesthetically and functionally.

The high inherent thermal efficiency of the framing allows an Energy Rating of ‘A+’ to be achieved, and security is enhanced by multipoint locking as standard, tested to PAS24:2016.

Dimensions up to 1300mm x 2400mm can be manufactured to create spectacular glazing installations, with capacity for glass units up to 44mm allowing triple glazing if required.

Alumen’s Alan Robinson said that the ALU 70 achieves Panoramic Group’s goal of offering high quality and something innovative in all of its products: “The ALU 70 is clever for what you cannot see. Used in contemporary settings it allows the designer or homeowner to let maximum light into a space and the overall design means the window is a pleasure to operate and easy to secure. And it competes very favourably on price with conventional tilt and turn styles.”

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