Dare to be Different



We came, we saw, we conquered at the 2019 FIT Show!

And, our all-new UPVC Hidden Sash Window continues to rise in popularity amongst installers.  This new and revolutionary slim-line design could very well be mistaken for an aluminium window and supports our commitment to developing affordable luxury products, each with a unique point of interest. 

Newly Innovated Design

Oozing design quality from every pore, our factory-glazed Hidden Sash uniquely delivers the luxurious look of aluminium, at the cost of uPVC.   Also, If you’re into quirky features with a difference, the all-new Hidden Lock feature doesn’t disappoint!  Offering users a concealed handle and lock, beautifully imperceptible from an external view.

The new Hidden Sash compromises smooth and polished corner welds,  rivalling the look of any reputable aluminium window.  But, now at a fraction of the price!  In fact, 8 out of 10 FIT Show installers agreed the design replicated the aesthetic of high-quality aluminium.



A True Innovation in Fenestration

We understand that customers now seek maximum glass coverage, minimal frames and, an abundance of colour options.  And, we’re empowering our Trade Partners to deliver exactly that, making this just one of the unique products exclusively available to our all-important Trade Network. 

Designed in-house and, without compromise, the Hidden Sash Window boasts ultra-modern sight lines with 5-colour options as standard.  Thus making it a true marvel and innovation in the forever changing world of fenestration.



Our Trade Promise

Empowering our trade partners to grow their business faster with unique products, and at the best price is central to everything we do!  And, we do so through providing our trade network real opportunities for growth and expansion by offering desirable products your both clients want and need.  

Contact our dedicated Sales Team directly and learn about joining our trusted Trade Network.  Dare to be Different with access to our all-new Hidden Sash Window and exclusive range of trade products.


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